Domestic Insect Control

Course Objectives

To enable course members to:
Understand how insects live, breed and develop and how they fit into the animal kingdom
Select and carry out the most appropriate methods of insect control, in line with current legal guidelines and recognised good practice
Describe the lifestyle, habits and habitats of the main insects found in and around domestice premises
Understand the way insecticides are applied and the importance of maintaining application equipment to a high standard
Understand the importance of storing, transporting, using and disposing of insecticides safely and legally with due regard to the environment

Who is the Course For?
This course targeted at persons wishing to undertake pest control predominantly in the land based and related industries.

Course Content
The basic biology and behaviour of insects
Current insecticides and formulations
The biology and control of ants, wasps and bees
The biology and control of  flees
The biology and control of  bed bugs
The biology and control of  cockroaches
The biology and control of  domestic flies
The biology and control of  fabric and food pests
Use and maintenance of application equipment
Safe storage, transport, use and disposal of insecticides

Duration: 1 day

Maximum Attendees: 8

For course details and costs, please contact:-

Jill Salt
Tel:       01926 495024

Julie Gibson
Tel:      07715 311657