PA6AW Handheld and Water Upgrade

Course Description
This course prepares the trainee to take the NPTC PA6a and PA6aw practical assessment, which combined with a PA1 unit qualifies the operator in the legislative qualification Certificate of Competence in the Safe Use of Pesticides.

Course Content
Label information
Environmental risk assessment
Nozzles and spray quality
Types of nozzles
Preparation of knapsack for use
Site work
Cleaning and decontamination of the applicator
Other application methods
Also preparation for applying a pesticide in or near water
Knowledge of the principles of applying pesticide in or near water

One Day

PA1 Safe Use of Pesticide

NRoSO Points
This training course carries 12 NRoSO points with a further 4 available for passing the assessment.

For course details and costs, please contact:-

Jill Salt
Tel:       01926 495024

Julie Gibson
Tel:      07715 311657