CS40 (unit 21-07* / 21-13) – Crown Thinning & Reduction

This unit covers the use of the chainsaw and/or other pruning tools working from a rope and harness in conjunction with a ground person in medium sized open grown trees.

Learning Outcomes

The candidate will be able to:
1. Identify, inspect and comment upon key parts of the equipment to be used
2. Prepare the equipment for use ensuring the safety of themselves, other people and the environment
3. Comment upon the structure, condition and properties of the tree(s) to be worked upon
4. Use a chainsaw and other pruning tools whilst maintaining a working position within the crown of a tree using a rope and harness in conjunction with ground staff.

The assessment contains 2 compulsory parts as follows:

Part 1: Carry out Crown Thinning
Part 2: Carry out Crown Reduction

Course Content
The candidate will be able to:

-     Demonstrate Knowledge of what is involved in a Risk Assessment
-     Demonstrate knowledge of the legal and environmental factors that may be present on the work site
-     Undertake a hazard assessment of the tree(s) to be worked upon
-     Brief the ground staff
-     Achieve a working position and begin the thinning/crowning operation
-     Demonstrate knowledge of tree pruning operations

2 days

CS30 Maintenance and Crosscutting
CS31 Felling Small Trees
CS39 Operate Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness

* Integrated Assessments

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