CS39 (unit 21-08) – Operate Chainsaw from a Rope and Harness

Who is the course for?
All those who are Professional Users e.g. those who anticipate seeking contractual work in professional forestry, amenity or utility arboricultural activities and ground works.

Course Objectives
-  prepare sites, equipment and staff
-  use correct climbing procedures and techniques

Course Outline
-  legislation
-  risk assessment
-  equipment
-  PPE
-  the five cut techniques

3 days

Candidates must have successfully completed modules CS30, CS31 and CS38 before undertaking this training

For course details and costs, please contact:-

Jill Salt
Tel:       01926 495024
Email:  jill@middleenglandtraining.co.uk

Julie Gibson
Tel:      07715 311657
Email:  julie@middleenglandtraining.co.uk