CS32 (21-01*/ 21-11)Felling Medium Trees over 380mm (includes CS33)

Course Description
This course is for people who are required to operate chainsaws to fell trees larger than the guide bar length and who have attended the basic chainsaw courses in this series, or their equivalent, and have the appropriate certification of units CS30 & CS31.

Course Content
•  Introduction
•  Maintenance re-cap
•  Felling trees between 1 and 1.5 times guide bar length demonstration and takedown practice.
•  De-limbing including breakdown of large hardwood crowns
•  Felling trees up to 2 time guide bar length (760mm)
•  Takedown including use of hand winches
•  Cross-cutting up to 2 times guide bar length.

Three Days

Maximum Delegates: 4

NPTC CS30 & CS31 qualification or training

*Integrated Assessment

For course details and costs, please contact:-

Jill Salt
Tel:       01926 495024 / 07754 039214
Email:  jill@middleenglandtraining.co.uk

Julie Gibson
Tel:      07715 311657
Email:  julie@middleenglandtraining.co.uk