Animals in Transit Test

New rules on the welfare of animals during transport came into force on 5 January 2007 (Source: Council Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations). The Regulation is implemented in the UK by means of national legislation. The Regulation aims to improve animal welfare by raising transportation standards and applies to the transport of all live vertebrate animals in connection with economic activity.

The Regulation requires by 5 January 2008, those handling and transporting farm livestock, poultry and horses by road on journeys of over 65km (approximately 40 miles) must have been trained in the Regulation’s technical provisions and be independently assessed for competence.

Who is the test for?
Transporters or attendants using road vehicles to transport farmed animals, horses and poultry in connection with an economic activity.

Test objectives
The candidate should be able to:
Act within the law with respect to ‘Live farm animals being transported by road’.
Apply the benefits of good handling and loading of livestock.
Avoid unnecessary stress to the stock during transport.
Know how to care for casualty animals with the frameworks set out by SVS.

Duration: 1 hr

Maximum Delegates: 30

For course dates and details please contact:-

Julie Gibson
07715 311657
Jill Salt
01926 495024